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Air separation plant

Croyonorm Plant

Cryonorm Projects designs and fabricates cryogenic Air Separation Plants producing GAN, GOX, LIN, LOX and LAR in all ranges with the smaller colboxes manufactured in their own workshop facility in the Netherlands. Larger coldboxes are subcontracted out to appropriate facilities under the supervision of Cryonorm’s project management staff. Cryonorm Projects also produces nitrogen and oxygen liquefiers.


Small scale LNG liquefaction plant

Cryonorm Projects International provides worldwide Small Scale Natural Gas Liquefaction Plants. The applied process is the “nitrogen expansion cycle”, a closed-loop nitrogen cooling-loop provides the ‘cold’ for the liquefaction of the CNG. The process is technology proven; nitrogen liquefiers are applied in the Industrial Gas Industry for decades.

Croyonorm Plant 2

The main advantages of the system are :

  • Safe and proven technology
  • Low capital investment
  • Simplicity

LNG plants offered by Cryonorm Projects International have following features:

  • Range from 10 MTD to 250 MTD (metric tonnes per day)
  • Energy Consumption : 0.78 kW per produced kg of LNG
  • LNG output is sub-cooled state
  • Can be installed with gas-engines (no electric power feeder required)
  • High CO2 contents does not pose a problem (CO2 is scrubbed out with an MEA system if required)
  • High N2 contents can be overcome by utilizing a nitrogen removal unit
  • In Europe, small scale LNG liquefaction plants are designed and delivered in compliance with EN-1473. However other local requirements can be catered for.

Visit the Cryonorm web site: http://www.cryonormprojects.com/